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DIY Clay Flower Earrings

Make a pair of pretty earrings in your favorite colors when you use our easy DIY clay flower earrings tutorial.

This guide to making clay earrings is suitable for beginners. So don’t be worried if you have never made jewelry before!

Clay Flower Earrings on a white background

These clay earrings are similar to our DIY Clay Cherry earrings. You can use the same supplies to make both sets.

You can also make our clay sunflowers, too!

How to Make Clay Flower Earrings


Clay Flower Earrings Supplies


Step 1

Select 2 different colors for the clay earrings. I used yellow for the center and pink for the petals.

Pinch off enough yellow clay for 2 flower centers, and enough pink clay to make 12 petals (which will be circles the same size as the flower center).

Knead and roll the clay between the palms of both of your hands and form a ball shape

Clay Flower Earrings Step 1

Step 2

Roll the clay balls back and forth on a flat surface to make a cylinder-like shape.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 2

Step 3

Cut the flower center clay into 2 even parts.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 3

Roll smooth ball shapes in between your palms with each one of the two clay pieces.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 4

Step 4

Take the petal clay ball and roll it into a long rope. The rope shape should be even in thickness for the entire length.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 5

Step 5

Cut the pink clay rope into 2 even parts.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 6

Then cut each clay rope into 6 even parts.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 7

Roll each of the clay parts into a smooth ball.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 8

Step 6

Clay Flower Earrings Step 9

Use a clay cutter or an indent tool to mark 2 indentations on a petal ball. The indents should resemble a “V” shape but be a little wider. The indentations should join at one end and spread out to opposite directions towards the other end.

Repeat this process for all of the petal ball shapes.

Step 7

Press one petal ball to the side of a flower center ball.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 10

Then continue with another petal ball, pressing it to the petal ball beside it and to the flower center.

Continue this process until you have pressed 6 flower petal balls to the flower center ball. Adjust and squeeze together as needed to fit around the flower center.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 11

Repeat the process for the other flower earring.

Step 8

Allow the clay flower to dry slightly to firm up, but not completely.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 13

Use a needle or other thin, sharp object to make a small hole on the edge of a petal.

Attach the jump ring through the hole.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 14

Step 9

Add the earring hook to the jump ring, then close the jump ring to secure.

Repeat the process for the second earring.

Allow to dry completely.

Clay Flower Earrings Step 16

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