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DIY Clay Fox (Step by Step Photo Tutorial)

Our cute clay fox is easy to make with either air dry clay or modeling clay. While we made miniature fox figurines, you can make larger versions using this same step-by-step guide.

These forest animals are perfect to addd to a tiered tray, tuck on a shelf, bookshelf or window sill, or add to the top of a present as a gift topper.

Clay Fox on wood backdrop

How to Make a Clay Fox


Clay Fox Supplies on white background


Step 1

The amount of clay you need will depend on how big you will make the fox.

Pinch off a piece of orange clay big enough to make the head, body and tail.

Roll the clay into a smooth ball shape. 

Clay Fox Step 1

Step 2

Divide the clay ball into 3 equal parts by cutting with a clay tool or a knife.

Clay Fox Step 2

Roll one clay part into a ball shape.

Clay Fox Step 3

Step 3

Take a small amount of white clay and make a flat long shape with round edges.

Clay Fox Step 4

Press the white part on the round head. Adjust the round edges and make them facing upwards. This will be the white part of the face.

Clay Fox Step 5

Step 4

Take another small amount of orange clay for the outer ear parts. Then take a smaller amount of white clay for the outer ear parts.

Mold the shapes of the clay ears into small triangles.

Clay Fox Step 6

Attach the white parts on the orange ear parts. Press the clay ears on either side of the top of the head.

Clay Fox Step 7

Step 5

Using one of the two orange clay parts you made in Step 2, roll it into a cylinder-like shape.

Clay Fox Step 8

Step 6

Use the round clay tool to make a small hole at any one end of the cylinder-like clay shape. Then flatten out the edges. This will be bottom side of the clay fox.

The hole at the bottom side will help the clay fox stand upright.

Clay Fox Step 9

Step 7

Press the clay head on top of the body.

Clay Fox Step 10

Step 8

Using the last piece of orange clay cut in Step 2, roll the clay into a fox tail shape.

Clay Fox Step 11

Step 9

Using a small amount of white clay, make a cone shape that will fit over the end of the tail.

Clay Fox Step 12

Use the clay tool to make indents around the wide, open end of the cone shape.

Clay Fox Step 13

Step 10

Attach the clay cone at the end of the tail shape, pressing it to secure to the orange clay tail.

Clay Fox Step 14

Step 11

Use the clay tool to make indents on the tail tip.

Clay Fox Step 15

Step 12

Attach the clay tail to the clay fox from the backside of the body. Then bend the fox tail and bring the white tip to the front.

Clay Fox Step 16

Step 13

You can either use small amounts of black clay or a black Sharpie to make the facial features.

Clay Fox Step 17

Step 14

Add more details to the clay fox if you want to. We made a red scarf out of clay.

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