Published On January 21, 2020 | Last Updated August 13, 2020
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Build your DIY confidence with these tips for power tools for women. Get the guidance you need to learn to use power tools.

power tools for women

Power tools can be scary. You could lose a finger! Or an eye! That is what many women are scared about, right?

Fortunately, girls have common sense. And you pay attention to what you are doing. Which means that you can learn how to safely and confidently use power tools right now.


If you have never used a drill or a circular saw, maybe you think they’re “too powerful” for you. Only men can control power tools.

But that’s not true. With the latest in our series on how to Build Your DIY Confidence, you will learn how to get started using power tools on your own.

How Do You Use Power Tools Safely?

Protect your eyes, and your ears, and your other parts by using safety gear every time you use power tools.

Best DIY tools - protective gear

Here’s the basic safety gear that I recommend:

I always wear hearing protection when I use any type of power tool. First, because I like my ability to hear and want to protect it.

Bonus, the reduced noise also reduces anxiety when using the tool. I strongly dislike loud noises in any situation. It makes me uncomfortable and anxious.

By wearing hearing protection when using power tools, the reduced noise level makes them seem less intimidating. Give this a try, and let me know if you agree.

Ask for Help to Learn More

There are lots of people you know out in the world who already use power tools. Ask for a quick tutorial.

You could ask a handy friend, or an associate in a home improvement store. Some stores even offer classes for power tools for girls. Look around and see what you can find.

The equipment manual is another great resource, and manufacturer’s may provide how-to videos on their websites that you can check out.

Learning the basics about a tool before you jump into using it will help build your confidence.

power tools for women
Get a tutorial on how to use a tool before jumping into a project.

Buy the Right Size Tools

You probably don’t need the biggest, most powerful tool out there. It will likely be heavy and hard to control, making it difficult for you to use.

But you also don’t want to get something that isn’t powerful enough to do the job. Both of these extremes will affect your ability to complete your project. It’s important to get the tool that is right for you.

Start with an idea of what you want to do.

Talk with the staff in the tools section of home improvement store (here’s how to do that with confidence), and ask them to help you find the right tool for your needs.

Best Small Power Tools for Women

As you build your confidence, it’s important to set yourself up for success. If you jump right into something like a major kitchen remodel as your first project, you may end up feeling overwhelmed and failing.

With power tools, and with DIY in general, start small and easy, build your confidence and grow your skills. In terms of ease of use, I would list the basic power tools in this order:

The good news is that most of these small power tools are affordable ($60 or less for most of them). Choose a small project that will allow you to use each tool and build your skills.

I also recommend a basic women’s tool kit with non-motorized tools you’ll need. This tool kit for women is fantastic and has a lot of the basics in one package so you won’t have to buy everything individually!

I love picking up furniture pieces at thrift stores and trying out makeovers. If your project doesn’t turn out how you wanted, it’s not a big loss. Re-donate and move on!

Check out our DIY archives to see some of the projects I’ve done, for inspiration.

Be the Inspiration for Other Girls

Someone recently told me that she was inspired by, “Women making or doing typically man-stuff.” That inspires me, too.

You can learn to use power tools, and take on your own DIY projects. You can show younger girls that women can use power tools, and educate them how to use tools, too. Because you don’t need someone else to do it for you!

If you want tips on how to do some basic DIY tasks, be sure to pick up your free copy of our DIY guide, You Can Do This: Five DIY Tasks Every Single Girl Should Know How to Do.

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  1. I want to rent some power tools so I can do a feature wall with shiplap in my basement. Thanks for pointing out that when it comes to using a circular saw I will want to try starting slow. It does seem like I would want to not move to quickly or I could accidentally destroy the wood, damage the machine, or hurt myself.

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