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How to Make a Slip Knot for Crochet

Most of today’s crochet patterns begin with a basic slip knot so let me show you how easy it is to tie a simple slip knot on a crochet hook.

Crochet patterns often start by tying a slip knot onto the crochet hook. From there you make your basic chain stitches as long as needed which makes up the foundation of your crochet project.

Slip knots are super easy to make, even for beginner crocheters. They are one of the basic stitches in crochet that you must learn!

Plus, they give you a chance to handle and get more comfortable with the yarn and crochet hook.

When you are just practicing tying a slip knot, you can pretty much use any weight of yarn or crochet hook size that you already have available. 

For total beginners, it may be helpful to start with a medium to large hook and a larger, chunkier yarn. These are a little bit easier to handle than very fine yarns and super small hooks.

What is a slip knot?

A slip knot is just like a simple overhand knot, except that the tail has not been pulled all the way through to tighten it, leaving both tails on one side of the knot and a loop at the other.

This allows the knot to easily be undone by simply pulling the tail thread. Slip knots are commonly used to cast on for knitting projects as well as crochet. 

Once you have your slip knot, the next step is making chain stitches according to your pattern.

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Please note: As I am a right handed crocheter, these instructions are written for right handed people. If you are left handed, all you have to do is reverse the hands in the instructions. 

Also, this site has some basic instructions and hints for left handed crocheting.

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Basic Steps

1. Wrap the Yarn Around Your Fingers

To begin making the slip knot, you will want to hold the tail of the yarn in your right hand and wrap it around three fingers of your left hand, so the two strands cross over each other in the middle. 

Helpful Hint: Go ahead and start with a longer tail of yarn than you think you will need. That way you won’t run out of yarn when it is time to pull it through.

Once you get used to making these knots, you will naturally begin with a shorter piece. 

See the video for making a slip knot:

2. Pull the Tail Strand Through the Loop

Now, you are going to press the thumb of your left hand on the center where the yarns cross each other.

Pick up the crochet hook with your right hand and insert it underneath the bottom strand of yarn.

With the hook, grab hold of the top (tail) yarn strand and pull it to the right, through circle forming a loop. (Don’t pull the cut end of the yarn through, only a loop.) 

As you can see from the photo below, a loose slip knot looks a little like a pretzel.

3. Tighten the Knot on the Crochet Hook

With your left hand, hold onto the two strands of yarn. Hold the crochet hook with the right hand and pull to the right, tightening the knot. 

Push the knot toward the hook. You want it to be seated directly next to the hook but you don’t want it to be too tight. The hook should be able to move freely.

This may take a little bit of maneuvering at first but you will quickly get the hang of it. 

Making a slip knot is the first step in beginning many crochet patterns.

Step two in the process is making chain stitches.

Please note: The slip knot is not considered to be the first chain stitch. When you add the required number of chain stitches according to your pattern, do not count the slip knot.

Can you Start a Crochet Chain Without a Slip Knot?

Yes, you can start a crochet chain without a slip knot! 

Personally, I don’t mind a small knot at the beginning of my crochet work but a lot of people do. So, for those of you who prefer to start your crochet pattern without a slip knot this helpful article shows you how to do that. 

To clarify, I (and most other people) do not like knots within my crochet work at all. There are many methods of joining new yarn without knotting so make sure and learn how to do that as well.

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After you have learned the slip knot you will be ready to learn these crochet stitches: