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How to Make Wine Bottles Decorated with Glass Beads

If you are wondering what you can do with an empty wine bottle (or other glass bottles), here is the answer! These wine bottles decorated with glass beads are beautiful to make and display in your home. Plus, they make a great light, too!

What I love about decorating glass bottles with beads is that you can keep bottles that are sentimental. For instance, wine bottles from a party or champagne bottles from a wedding.

These beaded glass bottles are also inexpensive crafts that just look expensive! After all, it’s pretty easy to find empty glass bottles of any shape or size. They don’t have to be wine bottles.

But if you do want to decorate wine bottles and don’t have any, just ask your friends or neighbors! They’ll give you some.

Decorative bottles are perfect for placing on a shelf or mantel in your home. These beaded bottles also make great vases for flowers.

They are also great decorations for a party! Especially a wine-themed party or a celebration such as a bridal shower or wedding.

For a fun wine party, be sure to get these pretty wine tasting cards! It’s a lot of fun to compare notes with your friends!

You could even add wire to hang these bottles from trees for a really pretty outdoor party!

I like that these wine bottle lamps add a soft glow to a room. The lights seem to shine through the beads in such unique ways. They really are pretty if you decide to add lights to your decorative bottles!

If you would like to check out more crafts made from glass bottles, you’ll love this hanging macrame wine bottle vase.

And you might like to make this cute DIY Gnome Wine Bottle topper to add to your decorated bottle, too!

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How to Make Beaded Glass Bottles

Materials To Decorate Glass Bottles With Beads


Step 1

Clean the wine bottle and remove the labels.

Step 2

Use the glue to attach the gem beads around the bottle, alternating between green and white beads.

After placing a small drop of glue on the bottle, press the bead on top and hold it in place for a few seconds. If the glue isn’t holding the beads in place, try cleaning the bottle with acetone (nail polish remover).

Step 3

When the bottle is covered in gems, set it aside for at least 30 minutes to allow the glue to completely dry.

Step 4

Thread the clear light strand into the bottle, then turn the lights on.

Tips For Making Your Own Beaded Glass BottlesSaveSave

  • You can choose any color combination of beads that you like. I really liked the green and white on my light green wine bottle. But you could choose cobalt blue and white for a white bottle that would be beautiful. Or, if you have a dark bottle, choose just clear beads so that you can see the light come through.
  • Any glass bottle will work! Vodka, tequila and rum bottles (or any alcohol bottle) will be pretty, since they have such unusual shapes. Although it might be tricky to get the beads to stick to some shapes! Even spaghetti sauce or milk bottles will work, too!
  • Removing labels from glass jars is easier when you use Goo Gone or lemon essential oil. Yes, rubbing lemon essential oil directly on the label and letting it soak in will easily remove those sticky labels from glass!
  • Wiping a bottle with acetone (nail polish remover) can help remove any residues that you might not see. This can help the glue adhere better. You don’t have to do this step, but it might be helpful.
  • Decorative glass beads like these can be found in the dollar store! They come in colors, clear, or frosted.
  • These small light strands are also called fairy lights. They can be either battery operated or plug in lights. Using light strands that have a remote makes it easier to put wine bottle lamps in hard-to-reach places, such as on top of a shelf or hanging from trees.

I also used glass beads to make these DIY sun catchers.

If you enjoy having a glass of wine with friends, check out these easy wine glass charms so that everyone knows which glass is theirs!