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DIY bathroom makeover ideas

Having admitted to hiring a pro to replace my bathtub surround, I wanted to show you all the other DIY updates I did in my bathroom.

By swapping out a few outdated items with more modern and functional pieces, replacing the old light fixture, and adding extra storage, this tiny bathroom has become one hard working space.


Have an outdated bathroom, but can’t afford a full remodel?  Here are a few thrifty DIY updates I made in my bathroom to make the space more modern, and more functional.

Replace the Towel Bar for More Storage

By replacing the single towel bar with a shelf and towel rack, I instantly added room for more towels, and more storage.

Wicker baskets and a galvanized bucket on the shelf hold things like extra soap and shampoo.  And now more than one person can hang up their towel to dry.

Get Rid of the Ugly Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet used to stick out from the wall several inches.  In such a small bathroom, I always felt crowded when I was using the sink.

I replaced the medicine cabinet and towel hook with a sleek glass and nickle shelf, with a built in towel bar.

The shelf is a handy spot for things I use every day, like face wash, toner, and lotion.  Glass apothecary jars can make even cotton swabs look pretty, while keeping them easy to access.

Bathroom shelf and towel
I often remove the labels from the products on this shelf, for less visual clutter.

Replace the Fixtures

For relatively inexpensive updates that make a big impact, swap out your fixtures.  I replaced the sink and faucet.  I also installed a new light fixture.

Replacing your old shower curtain rod with a curved curtain rod also makes a big difference, for a tiny price tag.

New sink, faucet, and light fixture.

More Storage

One thing a bathroom never seems to have enough of is storage space.  In addition to my new shelves, I made more efficient use of the vanity space.

Small baskets help to keep items organized in the small drawers.  This allows me to put more things in there, without having to dig through a pile of stuff to find what I want.

Bathroom storage baskets
Baskets keep items organized in small drawers.

A wire shelf under the sink creates better vertical storage.  I used boxes and trays to contain items and keep them easy to access.

Bathroom under sink storage
A wire shelf under the sink makes better use of vertical space. Boxes and trays keep items easy to access.

I even made use of the false drawer under the sink.  By installing a tip out tray from Rev-A-Shelf, I now have the perfect spot to store makeup.

Tip out tray under sink
Don’t waste any space. Install a tip out drawer under the sink.

DIY Bathroom Updates

I can’t end this post without showing you one of my first bathroom DIY projects.  The soap dish in the shower fell off the wall, and I stuck it back in place.

DIY bathroom update
My first bathroom DIY project.

What!?  It worked.  I had to hold the soap dish in place with duct tape and a plunger while the adhesive cured.  I was still saving up my money to replace the bathtub surround.

Fortunately, I did finally get to update those hideous blue tub walls.  Check out that transformation here.

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to update your own bathroom.  You don’t have to do a major remodel.  It’s amazing what a difference even small changes can make.

DIY bathroom makeover ideasThrifty DIY bathroom upgrades

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2 Comments on DIY Bathroom Makeover Ideas for an Instant Upgrade

  1. I have to try the curved shower rod is inspired, and looks like it would make you feel luxurious in the shower. But does it make the rest of the bathroom feel even smaller? Mine’s tiny. I use a clear shower curtain liner for a shower curtain, to make the whole bathroom feel bigger.

    • Hi Marjorie. The curved shower curtain rod only sticks out more in the middle, and it’s just slightly past the edge of the tub. With my bathroom layout, I didn’t notice a difference in the feeling of the space in the room. But it’s noticeable in the tub.

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