Published On February 25, 2020 | Last Updated August 13, 2020
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Keep your hair dryer handy, but out of the way with this easy DIY hair dryer wall mount. With just two simple pieces, you’ll wish you had done this sooner!

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For more than a decade, I have lived with a situation that bothers me. I have been in a constant state of either:

  • Being annoyed about having my hair dryer sitting out on my tiny bathroom countertop, causing both physical and visual clutter.
hair dryer on counter
  • Going to the effort of putting my hair dyer away under the sink, only to get it out again the very next day.

Finally, I decided to do something about it. And I came up with an incredibly simple solution.



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At the beginning of my hair dryer wall mount journey, I tried a couple different products from Amazon, such as this promising-looking Command Brand one and this Octopus one that looks a little frightening:

Though I was optimistic about both options, neither one worked for me. Because of the unique shape of my wet/dry hair dryer, it just slipped right through the holder.

(I love this hair dryer, by the way. It’s a straightening dryer that makes my hair shiny and smooth, without leaving it completely limp and lifeless. There’s still plenty of bounce!)

That’s when I realized that all I really needed was a hook on the wall.

I considered using some sort of Command Hook, which you could probably try. Since the bathroom is a damp space, and the dryer will be on and off the hook a lot, I chose a Swag Hook as a stronger option.

DIY guide download

Choose where to hang your hair dryer

Start by deciding where you want you hair dryer to hang on the wall. I want mine in an easy to reach spot, where it can stay plugged in all the time.

mark to hang a hair dryer on the wall

Make a small mark on the wall with a pencil where you want to place your hook.

Drill a hole (or two)

Following the instructions on the package of hooks, start by drilling a small hole in the wall where you made your pencil mark.

hole for wall mount hair dryer hook

The purpose of this first small hole is to help you determine if there is a stud behind the wall where you want to place your hook. You can tell you’re drilling in a stud if the effort to make the hole never gets any easier. Plus, you may start to see a little sawdust.

There are instructions on the package to follow if you are mounting your hook into a stud.

hook mounting instruction
The hook packaging has different instructions if you are mounting it to a stud, or just through drywall. Follow the instructions for your situation.

If the drill suddenly pops through the drywall while you’re drilling, then there is nothing on the other side. You will need to drill a bigger hole in the drywall for a toggle bolt, following the package directions.

large hole for wall mount hair dryer

To be honest, I didn’t have a drill bit as big as the size required in the package instructions. Instead of buying a new bit just for this project, I just used the biggest bit I had, and wiggled it around in the wall to make the hole bigger.

Prepare the hook and toggle bolt

Put together the pieces of the hook and toggle bolt. The toggle goes onto the bolt so that it will spread apart once you put it through the wall, and grip into the drywall.

Install the hook in the drywall

Push the toggle bolt completely through the hole in the drywall.

Installing hair dryer hook

Once the toggle is through the drywall, pull back on the hook. This will allow the toggle to grip into the back of the wall.

You’ll need to keep pulling the hook towards you as you turn tighten it.

How to tighten a toggle bolt for a hair dryer mount

Make a hanging loop on your hair dryer

Now, I had a place to hang my hair dryer, but nothing to hang it from.

I made a simple hanging loop using two hair elastics.

Enjoy your hair dryer wall mount

Easy hair dryer wall mount

After more than a decade of annoyance, all it took was a hook and two rubber bands to get my hair dryer off the countertop.

I chose to put my hook in a spot where it will be hidden behind the bathroom door. This reduces the visual clutter a little more.

Your hair dryer may already have a hanging loop, and all you need is the hook. Give it a try!

Hair dryer hanging on wall

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2 Comments on Easiest DIY Hair Dryer Wall Mount Ever

  1. I am thinking your bathroom is looking pretty big ? It is all about perspective. My bathroom is 4 by 6 floor and that includes a toilet, sink and a tub that originally came out of a camper. I have been in my house for 25 years and finally got around to redoing part of the bathroom. Now that that s done ( it was just a minor facelift, ) I ve decided to put some money into this room and change the bathtub into a walk-in shower. There are several government grants available to re do part of your house to assist in your disability Mobility. I think a walk-in shower would really be helpful. Lots of paperwork though. So I may not be earning any additional floor space, I am at least I think using it better. Love the hair dryer holder. Definitely making this and sorting out one for my flat iron also. Maybe smaller diameter pvc?

    • Wow! Your bathroom is even smaller than mine! Your transformation idea sounds like a great one, though. Let us know how it turns out, along with your idea for the flat iron holder.

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