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Pressed Leaves Artwork for Pretty Fall Home Decor

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Pressed leaves artwork for pressed fall home decor

I love anything that’s pretty and inexpensive.  Well, this pressed leaves artwork project is totally free!

Part nature walk, part home decor, this project captures a little bit of fall’s beauty, brings it into your home.  Let’s make those beautiful autumn colors last just a little longer.




  • Colorful leaves collected from your yard or local parks
  • A stack of heavy books
  • Any picture frame
  • Poster board for backing


As you’re outside enjoying the autumn weather, pause to pick up some of the beautifully colored leaves that are starting to fall.  We’re going to use them to make a piece of art for your home.

 1.  Gather leaves of different sizes, shapes, and colors

How to press leaves

Gather a variety of colorful leaves.

This is a fun task on a lovely fall day.  Get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

If you don’t have leaves in your yard, or if you don’t have a yard, take a walk around a local park and have a scavenger hunt.

2.  Press the leaves for at least a week

In order to better preserve your leaves, press them flat in a heavy book for a week or so.

Phone books used to be the perfect way to do this.  Since most of us don’t have those anymore, look around for the biggest book you have.  I chose an old dictionary.

Press leaves in a book

Lay the leaves flat in a heavy book.

Lay the leaves out flat between the pages.  If you have a lot of leaves, you’ll need to do this is in several sections of the book.  Leave a fairly large number of pages between each group of leaves.

Carefully close the book, keeping the leaves flat, and watching for bits sticking out the ends.  Then find a stack of other books to lay on top.  This adds extra weight, and helps with the pressing.

Pressed leaves in books

Make a stack of books to add extra weight for better pressing results.

3.  Find any picture frame

Every time I do a project with a picture frame, I am amazed at the number of options I already have lying around the house.  The one I chose for this project has a glass size of about 10” x 12”.

Shop your home and see what you can reuse.  Otherwise, check your local thrift store.

4.  Choose a backing material

I picked up a piece of poster board from the dollar store to put behind my leaves.  Cut it to size, using the glass from the frame as a guide.

Background for pressed leaves

Trace the glass from the frame to make a template to cut your background material.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your color choice.  Black would really make the fall colors stand out.  Or you might choose a color that ties in with your decor.

5.  Arrange the pressed leaves artwork

When your leaves have been pressed for about a week, you can take them out of the book.  Arrange them on top of your backing material.

Once you have an arrangement you like, you can either secure the leaves with tape, or just capture them with the glass from the frame.

Pressed leaves artwork

Arrange the leaves, and then use the picture frame glass to hold them in place.

Clean the glass on both sides before you lay it on top of the leaves.  This will hold the leaves in place while you set the frame on top.

When your frame is in place, just flip the whole thing over.  Now you can easily secure the backing to the frame.  And you’re finished!

Easy DIY Pressed Leaves Artwork

Easy DIY pressed leaves artwork

So simple and so pretty!  Just my kind of project.

Be sure to check out some of my other favorite craft projects for more home decor inspiration.

Pressed leaves for fall home decorHow to press leaves to preserve color


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