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Cute No-Sew Felt Penguin Ornament

These cute penguin ornaments are made from felt scraps. They are nearly free to make, and you don’t have to sew them!

Get our free downloadable penguin templates to make your own felt penguin family to hang on the Christmas tree.

These handmade ornaments are also great Christmas gift toppers!

Felt Penguin Ornament

Our cute penguin ornaments are just one of this big list of no-sew Christmas ornaments.

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DIY Felt Penguin Ornament Craft
Yield: 3 Penguins

Cute No-Sew Felt Penguin Ornament

Felt Penguin Ornament

Get a free template to make this cute penguin family with a baby penguin. Easy, no-sew felt ornaments are inexpensive to make.


  • Felt sheet or scraps (black, white, orange, charcoal) 
  • Fabric scissors 
  • Printable penguin pattern template 
  • Glue gun with clear hot glue sticks 
  • Batting 
  • Twine 
  • Tweezer (optional)


  1. Print off pattern template onto an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper (typing paper). We're going to make the Baby Penguin first. Using fabric scissors, cut 2 of the large body pieces in a charcoal felt color; 1 of the smaller body pieces in a white felt color; 2 smaller circular eye pieces in a black felt color and 1 triangular beak piece in orange felt color.  Felt cut outs for penguin craft
  2. Using a hot glue gun, on one side of the large charcoal piece, apply a bead of glue along the edge of the lower half. Hot glueing felt for penguin ornament
  3. Place the other charcoal piece on top of the glued area and press in place until the glue sets.
  4. Add glue to the back side of the white piece and press into place onto the black penguin. Hot glueing white felt for penguin craft Using tweezers is recommended for the small pieces to avoid burning your fingers. Felt scraps for penguin craft
  5. Add a small dab of hot glue to the white piece in the penguin face/eye area and press a black eye in place. Repeat with the second eye. Hot glueing felt eyes on penguin craft Using tweezer to place felt eye on penguin ornament
  6. Add a drop of glue between the eyes and then press the orange beak in place. Placing nose on felt penguin with tweezer Crafting felt penguin
  7. Add glue to the back side of the orange feet pieces and press in place. Hot glueing feet on felt penguin Felt penguin craft
  8. Trim any excess felt edges that are misaligned, if any.  
  9. Insert bits of batting into the penguin ornament. Filling felt penguin craft with badding
  10. Cut a piece of twine 8” long. Fold in half to form loop. Stuff the loop ends inside the penguin at the top. Adding twine hook to penguin ornament
  11. Glue the remaining open edges of the penguin closed. Hot glueing twine to penguin ornament
  12. For Mama and Papa Penguins, follow the same instructions as the baby penguins, except use black felt instead of charcoal for the large body pieces. Penguin ornaments with twine loop

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cute felt penguin ornaments in snow

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