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How to Make a Doctor Card 

Celebrate Doctor’s Day, or give your medical provider a token of your appreciation, with this DIY Doctor Card you can make with our free template and craft paper.

A pair of paper doctor cards on a yellow background.

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Free doctor card pattern.

DIY Doctor Card


Doctor Apron set of scissors, paper, and crayons on a white surface.


Step 1

Download, print and cut out the doctor coat pattern templates.

Trace the doctor coat pattern onto white cardstock paper.

Use colored craft paper for the rest of the pattern pieces.

Doctor Apron Step 1 color paper parts on a white background.

Step 2

Fold the pocket cutout along the yellow line.

Glue the small round cutout on top of the big round cutout to create the stethoscope.

Doctor Apron Step 2 A piece of paper with a number cut out of a stethoscope.

Step 3

Use a Sharpie or gel pen to add lines along the edges of the pocket.

Doctor Apron Step 3 paper stethoscope on a white background

Step 4

Cut slits along the red marked lines on the shirt cutout.

Doctor Apron Step 4 A piece of purple paper folded into a triangle.

Step 5

Fold the top sides of the slits along the yellow marked lines to make the collar of the shirt.

Doctor Apron Step 5 Origami how to make a purple doctor origami shirt.

Step 6

Fold the doctor coat cutout inward along the yellow marked lines.

Doctor Apron Step 6 A folded piece of paper on a white surface.

Step 7

Now, fold out the orange marked lines to make the collar of the apron pattern.

Doctor Apron Step 7 An origami shirt on a white surface.

Step 8

Glue the stethoscope pieces on either side of the doctor’s coat along the shoulders.

Doctor Apron Step 8 An origami card with a stethoscope on it.

Step 9

Attach the pocket pattern to the coat underneath the stethoscope.

Doctor Apron Step 9 A card with a doctor's stethoscope on it.

Step 10

Use a pen or sharpie to draw buttons along the open edge of the doctor’s coat. Add lines along the edges of the collar of the doctor’s coat.

Glue the tie cutout onto the paper shirt pattern.

Doctor Apron Step 10 A card with a shirt and tie next to it.

Step 11

If you would like, write a message or sign your name on the bottom of the shirt cutout.

Doctor Apron Step 11 an origami doctor's jacket.

Insert the paper shirt into the doctor’s coat.

How to create a heartwarming doctor's card.

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