Published On March 28, 2018 | Last Updated November 07, 2018
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How to hide storage drawers
I have this handy rolling plastic storage bin with drawers.  It’s great for storing craft supplies, but it’s not very pretty.

Hide plastic storage bins in plain sight with this easy and thrifty DIY project.


1. Cut the mat apart

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you’ve probably seen inexpensive straw mats for sun bathing.  I picked one up at a thrift store that had three sections.  This project uses one of those sections.

Start by cutting the mat apart between the sections.

Cut apart a grass mat

2. Open the bias tape

Choose a color of double fold bias tape.  Make sure it’s wide enough to cover the existing edging on the mat.

Open up the bias tape along the center fold, so you can wrap it around the edge of the mat.  You should have one folded edge on each side of the mat.

Bias tape mat edging

3. Stitch the edges

With the bias tape wrapped around the edge of the mat, stitch close to the open edge on the top side.  Your stitches will secure the bias tape on both sides of the mat.

Stitch edging on a grass mat

4.  Make the corners

When you get to the corner, stitch to about 1/8″ from the edge.  Put the needle down and lift the presser foot.  Turn the mat, and wrap the bias tape around the corner.

Before you put the presser foot back down, tuck the bias tape under at the corner.  Fold it at an angle, and then put the presser foot down to secure it.  Stitch through all the layers at the corner, and then keep stitching along the next side.

5.  Finish the end

As you get close to the end, fold under about 1/2″ of the bias tape.  Stitch the folded end over the raw end that you started with.  This will make a nice finished edge.

Pretty and practical storage

And that’s how you turn a straw mat into a pretty cover, so you can hide your practical storage in plain sight.

Small desk and craft storage

Pretty cover for storage drawersHide plastic storage drawers

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