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DIY Fairy Light Snowglobe Centerpiece for Christmas

This DIY fairy light centerpiece is the perfect table decor for Christmas and the holidays! Using a plastic cake container and other inexpensive crafting supplies, this handmade snowglobe centerpiece will delight your guests while dining!

The fairy lights in this handmade centerpiece really add a touch of sparkle and elegance. The different modes of the lights create a magical light show that is mesmerizing to watch.

I am thrilled I was able to upcycle a plastic cake container from the bakery to make this snowglobe centerpiece! It is such a great way to use something that would otherwise go to the trash.

All of the items can be reused or recycled afterwards if you choose not to keep this centerpiece after the holidays. Since I taped the trees instead of hot gluing them, they can be easily removed.

The cotton balls and ribbon can be used for another craft. The cake container can be recycled or used in another way.

Helpful Tips

While I was making this DIY project, I discovered a variety of helpful tips and tricks that will help you while crafting:

  • I did not use a hot glue gun to attach the trees because I was worried about the heat melting the thin plastic.
  • Instead of cotton balls, you could use pom poms, Polyfil, or quilt batting for the snow.
  • I added a bit of sparkle on top of the cotton with epsom salt crystals. This looks like ice that would be on snow. If you want the same look, you could also use glitter.
  • The fairy lights I used were 33 feet long. There are smaller sets of lights available, however, they will not have as many sparkly LED lights underneath the snow.

You might also want to see my cute mason jar Christmas lanterns that use fairy lights, too.

Watch me make this craft in my YouTube video:

How to Make a Fairy Light Centerpiece for Christmas



Remove all labels from the plastic cake container. I used Goo Gone to remove my stuck-on labels. You can soak in water or use lemon essential oil rubbed on the stickers to remove, as well.

Be sure to clean the container base and top, and allow to dry.

Attach double-sided tape to the underneath of the miniature Christmas trees. Firmly push into place on the cake stand.

Wrap the fairy lights in a circle around the bottle brush trees. I positioned some of the lights through the trees around the base just by bending the wire of the fairy lights.

Leave enough of the light strand hanging out of the cake stand base to let the cake topper close over the base. The battery pack should have enough length on the light strand to be able to be hid underneath a table runner, the tablecloth, etc.

Add cotton balls on top of the lights. I chose to pull apart the cotton balls slightly to make them look more like snow and to allow more light to shine through the cotton.

Sprinkle a little Epsom salt or glitter on top of the cotton balls, if desired, to give the appearance of sparkling new snow.

Put the cake lid on top of the base and snap shut. The lid will fit over the fairy light strand because it is so thin.

Wrap a piece of ribbon around the cake topper and cut where it slightly overlaps on the ends. Then, attach the ribbon with tape or glue.

Two festive fairy light themed Christmas coloring pages on a wooden table.

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This easy fairy light table centerpiece is so easy to make for Christmas! Be sure to see my mason jar Christmas centerpiece and farmhouse tree stand table centerpiece, too, for some great ideas to decorate your table!


Monday 28th of November 2022

I can see it as a snowman hat, with a big black "brim" of cardstock or black cardboard, and a ribbon around the brim, with snowmen instead of trees.... and, i just threw away a cake box like this!!


Friday 2nd of December 2022

Cally, When I was making it I thought the same thing! Looks like a snowman hat! Good ideas.... now just go get another cake!

Deirdre Henry

Sunday 27th of November 2022

Wonderful use of a plastic cake container. It is beautiful and lovely Christmas scene. Thank you for showing how to achieve this. Great tutorial. Deirdre


Thursday 1st of December 2022

Thank you, Deirdre!!!