Published On January 03, 2021 | Last Updated February 09, 2021
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This DIY dog bed that you don’t have to sew couldn’t be an easier project! Seriously, this is a fleece dog bed anyone can make!

Don’t let your pet sleep on the ground anymore! All you need is 30 minutes and two materials to make a cute dog bed that’s warm and cuddly.

This dog bed is made with a fleece blanket. I suggest you get more than one and also make this snuffle mat which your dog will love, too!

When you need to wash the dog bed, it’s easy! Just put it in the washing machine and wash like a normal pillow. In the dryer, add a couple of tennis balls or dryer balls to fluff up the pillow again.


Note: You can use a brand new pillow (I love The Big Ones that Kohl’s has for sale super cheap throughout the year.) Or you can use a pillow that you no longer will use from your bed.

I used an IKEA fleece blanket, which are cheap to buy. Walmart also has great cheap fleece blankets and I found this one on Amazon super cheap in a variety of colors. Or find one at a thrift store to repurpose. Just wash it in hot water first to clean it thoroughly.


Step 1

Cut the blanket in half across its width.

Step 2

Place the pillow in between the two pieces of the fleece blanket. 

Step 3

Cut strips of fabric around the blanket into long strips. You want to cut from the outer edge of the blanket to where it meets the pillow. You can cut through both layers at the same time.

Step 4

Match up the fabric strips that are above and below each other. Tie the strips together in a knot. Work your way around the pillow until you have tied all the fabric strips together and the pillow is inside.

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