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Crochet Rose (Free Pattern)

Make a bouquet that will never fade when you use our free crochet rose pattern to stitch flowers.

While we used red yarn for Valentine’s Day, you could use any color of yarn to make these crocheted roses any time of the year.

Another great Valentine crochet project is our Crochet Heart Granny Square.

This easy rose pattern uses simple beginner crochet stitches.

Crochet Rose Pattern


  • Red Yarn (medium or medium light weight)
  • Crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Green felt for leaves (optional)


Step 1

Start by making a slip knot at the open end of the yarn.

Crochet Rose Step 1

Step 2

Make 41 chain stitches

Crochet Rose Step 2

Step 3

Skip the chain next to hook and insert the hook into the 2nd stitch from hook.

Crochet Rose Step 3

Step 4

Work a single crochet.

Crochet Rose Step 4

Step 5

Chain 2.

Crochet Rose Step 5

Step 6

Skip the next stitch of the base chain and then work a single crochet into the next stitch. Then, chain 2.

Crochet Rose Step 6

Step 7

Continue to repeat the 1 sc, chain 2, skip 1 base stitch and work 1 sc into the next stitch. 

Crochet Rose Step 7

Step 8

After reaching the other end of the base chain, turn the pattern to the other side. Chain 2 on hook.

Crochet Rose Step 8

Step 9

Insert the hook into the chain 2 loop created in the previous round.

Crochet Rose Step 9

Step 10

Work a double crochet into the loop.

Crochet Rose Step 10

Step 11

Work 2 more double crochet into the same loop.

Crochet Rose Step 11

Step 12

Chain 1 and slip stitch into the loop to complete our first petal.

Crochet Rose Step 12

Step 13

Now, slip stitch into the next chain 2 loop.

Crochet Rose Step 13

Step 14

Work 3 dc into the loop, chain 1 and slip stitch into the loop to complete our second petal.

Crochet Rose Step 14

Step 15

Repeat the process to make a petal into each chain 2 loop of the previous round.

Crochet Rose Step 15

Step 16

You should have a total of 10 petals. If you increase the number of base chains, the number of loops/ petals will also increase.

Crochet Rose Step 16

Step 17

Finish the crochet with a slip stitch and pull out a few inches of the yarn and cut off extra yarn from bundle.

Crochet Rose Step 17

Step 18

Start to coil the petal chain from a side.

Crochet Rose Step 18

Step 19

Coil the entire petal chain and try to create a blooming rose pattern.

Crochet Rose Step 19

Step 20

Turn the rose pattern to the backside and use a needle to stitch the backside/ bottom part of the coiled petal with the remaining extra yarn. 

Crochet Rose Step 20

Step 21

Tie a knot after stitching the bottom side of the crochet rose and then cut off extra yarn if necessary.

Crochet Rose Step 21
Two red crochet roses with green leaves on a white surface.

If you would like to add leaves, cut out a small leaf pattern from green felt and glue or stitch to the back of the crochet rose.

Alternatively, you could use our crochet leaf pattern.

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