Painted teapot sign

How to Make DIY Stenciled Signs

Nothing adds personality to home quite like custom DIY artwork. Follow these easy steps learn how to make DIY stenciled signs. Get inspired by these ideas to create any design you want! Read more…

DIY display shelves

Easy DIY Display Shelves

Check out these DIY display shelves you can make from scrap materials. Perfect for showing off your mementoes, this unique solution is great for displaying your collectibles, knick-knacks, or trophies. Read more…

How to clear a clogged sink drain

How to Clear a Clogged Sink Drain

Drain clogged? Water backing up? Don’t panic. You may not have to call a plumber to unclog your drain. You can follow these easy steps to clear a clogged sink drain. (Or rescue a lost earring.) Read more…

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