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DIY Graduation Gifts

Let’s face it, new graduates probably just want money as they start on their new journey! These DIY graduation gifts are clever ways to give money while celebrating the huge milestone in their lives!

Graduation DIY Gifts

Many of these gifts are fun ways to give cash or gift cards. However, money isn’t everything! Make a keepsake graduation gift to include with a gift card or cash.

DIY Graduation Cap Gift Box

Forget the expensive gift card holders at the stores! Make your own graduation cap gift box with our free pattern.

Customize the gift holder in their school colors to be extra memorable.

Mason Jar Graduation Money Holder

Who doesn’t like gifts in a mason jar? This easy mason jar graduation money holder is quick to make and they are guaranteed to love it!

Fill it with either cash, gift cards, candy or other small items.

Clay Pot Graduation Cap

This graduation cap decor is perfect for table centerpieces or party decorations.

Add a handmade graduation cap in a gift basket to personalize it for a graduation gift. Be sure to write the year on the cap with a permanent marker for a keepsake item.

Money Pizza

We made this DIY money pizza for Christmas, but the same method can be made for graduation gifts.

Watch our YouTube video of how we made this cash pizza.

Use a phrase such as “Here’s Some Dough to Start a New Beginning!” to add to a decoration on top or a card.

DIY Gift Card Holders

Sew a gift card holder in their school colors or favorite colors to make a gift card a little more personal.

Paper Backpack

These Loungefly-inspired paper backpacks are the perfect DIY gift bag idea for a graduate!

Graduation Gnome

Who doesn’t like a gnome?

These two graduation gnome ideas are adorable to make for new grads!

This graduation gnome uses felt for the hat.

And this graduate gnome uses a plastic cone that you can find at the dollar store.

Money Lei

Money leis are always a popular graduation gift! New grads are proud to wear money necklaces with their cap and gown!

Graduation Bookmark

This graduation bookmark idea is perfect for grads who are getting ready to leave home.

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