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Easy Honey Slime Recipe

If there’s one thing kids love playing with it’s slime. As an adult, I sheepishly admit it’s still kind of fun, too! That’s why we love this DIY Honey Slime recipe for kids.

This fun slime recipe looks like a golden honeycomb with bees after it is made.

If you were wondering how to make slime, this is a simple recipe. You could make an easy slime without the glitter and buttons and fun things that were added.

So it’s really a versatile slime recipe with the main ingredients of glue and borax.

pulled honey colored slime with gold sequins and bumble bees

Easy Honey Slime Recipe with Bees

Ingredients for Slime

Supplies for Making Slime

  • 2 Plastic Containers for mixing
  • 1 Plastic Container for storing


In a plastic container, pour in 1 cup of hot water and stir in ⅓ tsp. of Borax.

In a separate plastic container, pour the entire bottle of glue in and ¼ cup room temperature water. Mix together gently.

Add the glitter to your glue mixture container.

Next, add the gold sequins to the glitter and glue mixture.

Add food coloring to get the perfect honey color. Use only a tiny amount of each color and add more as needed.

We put a knife in the gel food coloring and only used the amount that stuck to the knife. So don’t put in too much all at once!

Add a bit of gold and brown until you see the color that you’d like. It doesn’t need to be equal parts of each color. Mix and match with amounts until you are happy.

Next add bees to the glue mixture.

gold sequins glitter plastic honey bees in slime mixture

Pour the container of the glue mixture into the water and borax solution.

Let the honey slime sit for 30 seconds. You will see it instantly start to glob up and get thick.

Rinse out your glue mixture container while the honey slime is sitting for 30 seconds. Dry with a paper towel.

child's hands holding honey colored slime with gold glitter and sequins

Pull out the honey slime mixture from the container and add it to the dried plastic container. It will be sticky! Knead the honey slime for a few minutes. If you need to firm it up, add a touch of the remaining borax and water mixture.

Store in an airtight container.

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A jar of glittery, honey-colored DIY slime with a small wooden spoon on top of a blue and white patterned surface. The text on the image reads "DIY Honey Bee Slime.

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