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Cute Fall Bookmark Corner (Free Pattern)

What could be cozier than sipping a pumpkin-spiced coffee while snuggled up under a blanket reading a good book? If you want to enjoy all the Fall feels this year, you will definitely want to make this Pumpkin bookmark!

Our cute fall bookmark corner is made with a free pattern and scrap pieces of felt. While we hand stitched this pumpkin bookmark, you can glue the pieces together instead, if you would like.

Fall Bookmark Craft felt orange pumpkin with on white background

This easy pumpkin bookmark is the perfect way to use up felt scraps from other craft projects. In fact, you only need tiny little bits of green and yellow felts to make this adorable corner bookmark.

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How to Make a Pumpkin Bookmark for Fall



Step 1

Trace and cut out the bookmark pattern from the felt fabrics.

Fall Bookmark Craft Step 1

Step 2

Put the small pumpkin stem and vine pieces near the pointy end of one of the bookmark bases. This will be the front of the corner bookmark.

Fall Bookmark Craft Step 2

Step 3

The pumpkin pattern comes in three parts, which are three oval shapes.

Place the middle part of the pumpkin slightly covering the bottom sides of the stem and vine. Bring the end of the vine to rest on top of the pumpkin piece.

Fall Bookmark Craft Step 3

Step 4

Using a matching thread for the pumpkin felt, stitch the top part of the pumpkin shape to the bookmark base, making sure to stitch the pumpkin, stem, and vine together, as well.

Fall Bookmark Craft Step 4

Step 5

Place the 2 other pumpkin parts underneath the middle pumpkin piece on either side, with the middle piece slightly overlapping the side pieces.

Fall Bookmark Craft Step 5

Step 6

Using a needle and thread, hand stitch around the middle piece of the pumpkin, making sure to sew through the pumpkin layers and the bookmark base.

Fall Bookmark Craft Step 6

Step 7

Sew the small leaf pattern on the side of the pumpkin across from the vine. You will only need a few stitches using a matching shade of thread.

Fall Bookmark Craft Step 7

I added a small x-shaped stitch on the end of the vine to hold it down to the pumpkin.

Step 8

Put the second leaf underneath the pumpkin base in the corner, tucking the leaf underneath the edge of the pumpkin.

The small dots will be placed underneath the pumpkin along the base of the bookmark corner.

Fall Bookmark Craft Step 8

Sew the leaf to the base with a matching thread color. Then, using a small x-shaped stitch, attach the small circles to the bookmark corner.

Fall Bookmark Craft Step 9

Step 9

Place the pumpkin bookmark pattern on the top of the plain one.

Fall Bookmark Craft Step 10

Stitch the straight edges of the bookmark corner together using a matching thread that matches the color of the front piece. Do not stitch the rounded edge. Finish off with a knot to secure.

Place the bookmark on the corner of the book page where you want to save a place in the book.

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This is just one of our easy sewing crafts that you will love!

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