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DIY Sloth Bookmark (Paper Craft with Free Pattern)

These cute DIY sloth bookmarks are so easy to make with our free pattern. This paper craft is a fun project that takes just 15 minutes to make!

The cuddly sloths are holding a heart, making these great Valentines Day bookmarks!

Sloth Bookmark against blue background and edge of book

This cute paper sloth bookmark would be a great addition to a Secret Cupid gift exchange.

You will also want to see our Valentine Gnome Bookmarks, too! They use many of the same supplies, so you can make them both at the same time.

How to Make Sloth Bookmarks with Free Pattern



Step 1

Download, print and cut out the sloth bookmark patterns.

While you can use whatever colors of paper that you would like, we used the following:

  • Head (Brown)
  • Face (White)
  • Eye-patches (Darker Brown)
  • Body (Brown)
  • Arms (Brown)
  • Claws (White)
  • Heart (Red)
Sloth Bookmark Step 1

Step 2

Glue the claws on the back side of the patterns for the arms and the feet on the body.

Sloth Bookmark Step 2

Step 3

Glue the eye patch cutouts on either side of the white face cutout, keeping the round ends of the eye patches facing inwards.

Sloth Bookmark Step 3

Step 4

Glue the white face pattern in the middle of the brown head cutout.

Sloth Bookmark Step 4

Step 5

Glue the head on top of the body pattern.

Sloth Bookmark Step 5

Step 6

Glue the heart cutout slightly underneath the claws on one of the arms.

Then glue the arms on either side of the body, with the claws facing inwards.

Sloth Bookmark Step 6

Depending on the placement of the arms, you may need to trim off excess paper on the sides of the body to make them even with the edge of the sloth body.

Sloth Bookmark Step 7

Step 7

Use Sharpies or markers to draw the eyes, nose, mouth and blush spots on the sloth bookmark face.

I also used a brown marker to go around the outer edges of the sloth body and arms.

Sloth Bookmark Step 8

Save this sloth bookmark pattern for later by Pinning it to Pinterest!

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