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DIY Clay Pot Crows (Dollar Tree DIY)

Clay pot crows are a cute addition to your fall decor. Using miniature terra cotta pots, these cute shelf sitters are an easy Dollar Tree DIY project!

While a lot of crow decorations you will find among Autumn and Halloween decor are scary, these miniature birds are cute!

Clay Pot Crows With Yellow Ribbon on White Background

Using dollar store supplies, it only costs a few dollars to make these crow decorations. The mini clay pots come in packs of two or three and all of the other accessories can be used for multiple crows. So the cost per bird is just a few dollars.

These are great to make for craft fairs to sell because the cost per product is so low!

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Display these crows where their ribbon legs can hang down. They would be ideal hanging on the edge of a shelf or mantel. Or put one on the top level of a tiered tray with their legs hanging over.

Clay Pot Crows With Pumpkins Against White Wood Wall

How to Make Clay Pot Crows

These directions are to make one clay pot crow. All supplies were bought at the Dollar Tree.


  • 2.5″ Diameter Clay Pot
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (Black and Pink)
  • 2 Wiggle Eyes
  • 1-2 Black Craft Feathers
  • Craft Foam (Yellow and Black)
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks or Craft Glue
  • Yellow Ribbon, 3/8” wide
  • Ribbon, ¼” wide (use any color, I chose green)
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil with new Eraser (optional)
Clay Pot Crows Materials


Step 1

Remove the packaging and labels from the mini clay pots. Paint the clay pots with black acrylic craft paint. 

Clay Pot Crows Step 1

Allow to dry. You will probably need to apply a second coat of paint.

Step 2

Cut a small triangle from yellow craft foam for the beak.

Glue the beak and two wiggle eyes onto the top middle of the clay pot to make the crow’s face.

Clay Pot Crows Step 2

Add cheeks by dabbing a new pencil eraser into pink craft paint and stamping on either side of the beak. Or just paint two small circles of pink paint with a paint brush.

Step 3

Glue one or two black craft feathers in the drain hole of the clay pot.

Clay Pot Crows Step 3

Cut two 8” lengths of yellow ribbon for each crow. Loosely knot the ends of the ribbons and then glue the opposite end to the inside front center of the clay pot as legs.

Step 4

Draw a wing shape on a scrap of plain paper with a pencil, then cut it out with scissors to use as a pattern.

Trace the wing pattern onto black craft foam with a pencil, twice, and then cut out with scissors.

Clay Pot Crows Step 4

Glue one wing to the right side and one wing to the left side of the crow.

Step 5

Using skinny green ribbon, tie two small bows. Glue to the front bottom of the clay pot crows. Trim any long ends of ribbon with scissors.

Clay Pot Crows Step 5

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