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DIY Cutting Board Witch

Our cute cutting board witch craft is easy to make with dollar store supplies. This Dollar Tree DIY costs just a few dollars to make in less than an hour.

A witch with a broom on a table next to pumpkins.

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DIY Cutting Board Witch

All supplies, other than paint, were purchased at the Dollar Tree.


  • 2 Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • 1 Regular Craft Stick
  • Unfinished Wooden Cutting Board
  • Spider Ring
  • 2 Google Eyes
  • Black Gingham Ribbon
  • 4 Orange Chenille Stems
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (Muted Light Green, Black, Grey)
  • Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Permanent Black Marker
A craft kit with scissors, glue, and other supplies.


Step 1

Lay the jumbo craft stick across the top of the cutting board and draw a line with a pencil. Have the straight part on top of the stick be at where the curve starts towards the handle and draw the line there.

Then measure the jumbo craft stick to be 4.5” long, trimming the rounded ends off with scissors.

A pair of scissors next to a wooden cutting board.

Step 2

Trim a second jumbo craft stick into a pointed nose shape by cutting with scissors.

Then, cut the end off of a regular craft stick. This small rounded piece will be the witch’s wart.

Green paint, scissors, and a bottle of paint on a wooden table.

Glue the wart onto the nose.

Paint the nose and wart with a muted light green acrylic craft paint.

Allow to dry, and apply a second coat, if needed.

A pair of scissors, paint, and a bottle of green paint.

Step 3

Paint the bottom half of the cutting board below the straight line with the green paint.

Allow to dry and apply a second coat, if needed.

A green paint brush and a paint brush next to a wooden board.

Step 4

Paint the top half of the cutting board and the jumbo craft stick with black acrylic craft paint.

Allow to dry and add a second coat, if needed.

Glue the craft stick hat brim across the area where the black and green paint meet.

A green paint brush, black paint, and a black paint brush on a wooden table.

Step 5

To create the witch’s hair, cut two orange chenille stems in half with scissors.

Gather the four pieces together and twist them together in the middle. Then bend the bundle in half.

Orange craft sticks and scissors on a wooden table.

This is the hair for one side of the witch. Now repeat the same process with two more chenille stems for the other side.

Step 6

Glue two wiggle eyes to the witch face underneath the hat brim.

Then, underneath the yes, glue the witch’s nose.

Glue the two bunches of orange hair to the left and right sides of the witch’s hat brim, just behind the craft stick hat trim.

A witch craft with a glue gun and a witch's hat.

Step 7

Draw on a crooked smile with a permanent black marker.

A witch's hat with a marker on top.

Step 8

Using one of the spider rings, cut off the ring part.

A package of halloween spiders and scissors on a table.

Then, paint the spider legs with grey acrylic craft paint, allowing some of the black plastic to show through. Allow the paint to dry.

A bottle of paint and a paint brush on a table.

Step 9

Tie a box with the ribbon. Notch the ends, if you would like.

Black and white gingham ribbon and scissors on a wooden table.

Glue the bow to the witch’s hat. Then glue the spider to the center of the bow.

A halloween witch craft kit with a glue gun and other supplies.
A witch with a green hat on a wooden background.

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