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Circle and Line Metal Wall Hanging: Anthropologie Inspired Knockoff

Use dollar store supplies to make an Anthropologie knockoff metal wall hanging that adds modern design to your home.

You know how you see something in a store and love it, but think there’s no way you’d spend that much money on it? Yep, that’s what I felt about this Circle and Line Wall Hanging at Anthropologie.

Screenshot from the Anthropologie website

With materials from the dollar store and online, I could make something that looks similar for a LOT less!

If you’ve ever wondered how to cut aluminum on a Cricut machine, this is how.

I love that I can buy baking sheets and turn them into crafting materials for the Cricut machine!

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How to Make an Anthropologie-Inspired Metal Wall Hanging



Begin by cutting the outer edge off of the disposable cookie sheet pans. You will only need the middle portion of the pan for your project. 

Cut the cookie sheet pan in half. I had already taped off the entire piece of metal cookie sheet, when I realized that I should cut it, so that’s why you see tape.

Cut across the length of the pan so you have two shorter squares.

Line up half of a sheet in the upper left corner of your Cricut cutting mat. Using painters tape, tape the outside edges of the pan to the mat, being careful not to tape too far into the mat, or the blade will cut the tape. 

Open the Wall Hanging SVG file in Cricut Design Space. Adjust the size if you would like the wall hanging to be larger or smaller. 

In order to get the shapes of the project to print together, and use less of the cookie sheet pan, I changed the colors of the shapes to coordinating colors for the shapes I wanted to cut together.

For the top circle and fan shape, I selected blue. For the large inverted rainbow shape, I selected green, and for the semi-circle and bottom circle I selected yellow.

You can use any colors you would like. 

Once you have selected the colors you would like for your groupings, it’s time to cut the material. Make sure to change the settings on your Cricut machine to custom.

Select “Make It” in the bottom right corner in Design Space.

The next screen will prompt you to set the material. In the middle right column select “All Materials”. Scroll down and select “Aluminum – 0.14mm”. This setting was originally set at a default of 327 pressure, and to cut 2 times.

This default setting was too strong, so I adjusted the setting by selecting “Edit Settings”, and changing the cut pressure to 325, and turning “Multi-Cut” to off. Click “Save”, and now you are ready to cut. 

Select “Continue” in the bottom right corner of Design Space, and follow the prompts on your Cricut Machine.

Repeat this process until you have cut out all shapes for the wall hanging project. 

In a well ventilated area, lightly spray the small circle at the top of the project with metallic gold spray paint. Also spray the fan shape. Once that side has dried, flip over and paint the other side. 

Using the teal spray paint, lightly spray the rainbow shape. Once dry, flip over and paint the other side. 

Using the coastal sage spray paint, lightly spray the semi-circle, and larger circle at the bottom of the project. Once dry, flip over and paint the other side. 

To attach the shapes to each other you will need to use a jewelry jump ring along with pieces of a fine cable chain necklace.

Begin by cutting a long piece of the chain necklace. Select the length you would like for your project to hang from the ceiling, and cut the chain with jewelry wire cutters.

Using the jewelry pliers, open a jump ring and attach it to the chain you cut.

Using the pliers, close the jump ring tightly. 

At the other end of the chain, attach another jump ring. Open the ring, but now also thread the jump ring through the tiny circular hole at the top of the gold circle, along with the chain.

Use the pliers to close the jump ring tightly.

Repeat these steps of choosing how much length of chain you want between two shapes, and then attaching with jump rings.

Once all of the pieces have been attached with chain, it’s time to hang!

While this Anthropologie knockoff is a beautiful wall hanging on its own, it could also be used as a decorative mobile element. You could hang it off of the wall and allow the breeze from a window or fan to move the pieces in the wind.