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Best Space Saving Hangers for Clothes

Want to double, or even triple the amount of storage space you have in your closet? Who doesn’t? Which is why these space saver hangers for clothes in your closet is so unbelievable! It actually works!

The measurements below prove that if you just change your hangers, you can possibly triple the amount of clothes that you can store in your closet today!

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How to Add More Closet Storage Space

Okay, so you feel that you can’t fit everything that you own in your closet. So what do you do?

You can check out my tips of how to organize a woman’s closet.

And these helpful hints for easy walk-in closet organization.

But if you’ve organized as much as you can, but you just have a lot of clothes that you love, you need to figure out a way to create more space.

You can do that simply by changing your hangers.

This closet hanger hack is so simple and yet it is so effective!

Not all hangers are the same. Which gives you hope for fitting more into your closet without needing power tools or spending a small fortune on accessories and storage bins.

Closet Space Saver Hangers

There’s really just a few kinds of hangers for you closet, when it comes down to it:

I never knew space saver hangers existed until I learned about them before RVing. You see, a closet in an RV can be as small as a foot and a half wide. No joke.

And I was trying to fit clothes for all seasons for a year of travel into that closet!

Which is why I invested in some space saving hangers.

Lo and behold, they worked! 

I was able to fit twice as many clothes in the storage space using closet space saver hangers.

Of course, I did test it. I put a stack of my clothes on the bed and used plastic hangers to hang them on the rod. Then I switched to the space saver hangers.

I could fit the same amount of clothes in – plus MUCH more! – using the closet space saver hangers.

I was shocked. Why don’t people talk about this more often?

Stainless Steel Hangers

When it came time to put my clothes in my new and empty closet in my new home, I knew I wanted to look into using space saver hangers again.

However, I remembered how flimsy and fragile those plastic hangers were in the RV. They kept snapping in half. In fact, we were not sure we should hang anything heavy on them.

So when I found stainless steel hangers, I was instantly intrigued and knew I had to buy them.

*Keep in mind these are NOT like wire metal hangers from the dry cleaners! They are SO MUCH BETTER and sturdier than those!

These thin closet hangers are sturdy and barely bend at all. Which makes them perfect for even the heaviest of clothing, including sweaters, jackets or jeans.

Measurements Confirm This Brilliant Closet Space Saver Hanger Hack!

Of course, I had to measure the storage space difference with this closet hanger hack.

I measured 10 hangers of each kind (wood, plastic and thin stainless steel hangers) to determine how much room they actually took up on the closet rod.

The results were shocking to me!

The wooden hangers took up 5 inches of space on the rod for just 10 hangers.

Ten plastic hangers take about 3.25 inches of space in the closet.

But the thin closet hangers designed for space saving take up only 1.5 inches for ten stainless steel hangers!

That is incredible!

Which means you can fit 33 stainless steel hangers in the same amount of space of just 10 wooden hangers!

That closet hanger hack means you can triple the amount of clothing hanging in the same space!

You can watch my video to see the measurements in real life, too:

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