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84 Lumber Tiny Houses: Kits and Plans

Want to live in a tiny home as an affordable housing option? Have you ever dreamed about building your own small house on a budget?

Good news! Go to your nearest 84 Lumber, America’s only large building materials supplier that sells tiny homes, and you can buy a tiny home.


84 Lumber is the nation’s leading privately held building materials and services supplier. There are more than 250 stores in 30 states.

In addition to getting your lumber and supplies at 84 Lumber, you can now buy tiny homes!

Yep, that’s right!

Their Tiny Living collection has four tiny homes on wheels (THOWS):

  • Roving (154 sq. ft)
  • Shonsie (206 sq. ft total)
  • Degsy (160 sq. ft)
  • Countryside (203 sq. ft)

There are also three permanent tiny homes that are meant for concrete slabs that are available, as well:

  • The Salmon Creek (448 sq. ft)
  • Hearts Content (448 sq. ft)
  • Ross Run (540 sq. ft)

While I think minimalism is overrated after trying to live small myself, if you’re considering downsizing, taking a tour of these tiny homes can really put things into perspective of how much space you’d have (or not have).

84 Lumber Tiny Home Tour and Review

To debut their four custom tiny homes, 84 Lumber launched a Tiny Home Tour across America.

I was fortunate enough to be able to see one of the tiny homes, the Shonsie.

I expected to arrive at the home building store and no one would be there.

Wow, was I WRONG!

Even 84 Lumber representatives on the Tiny Home Tour admit they had no idea that this many people would be coming out to see one of their model homes. At each stop, hundreds came to get the chance to look inside a tiny home.

See our video tour inside a tiny home:

There were wait times and a line to stand in. They were that busy.

Not just with locals, either. Most people that I talked to while waiting in line to see the Shonsie tiny home had driven 45 minutes or an hour and a half just to see this 154 square foot tiny home.

What Is A Tiny Home Like?

Everyone in line was excited and anxious to see what a tiny home was really like inside. Almost everyone there watched some sort of tiny home building show on TV.

Several visitors were already in the process of downsizing to move into a tiny home. One couple was seriously considering buying. Another lady was doing a bus conversion, but wanted to see what a tiny home was like before she started.

The Shonsie – 84 Tiny Houses

The Shonsie was super cute, almost like a beach cottage feel.

The colors inside were very beach-glass like, with lots of turquoise. However it is customizable if those colors aren’t for you.

Let me just say, the Shonsie tiny house is tiny! Yes, this tiny home is TINY!!! At 154 square feet, it’s among the smallest of the tiny home options at 84 Lumber.

There was a quaint dining area, and seating area, but there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot of room to move.

I was super impressed with the functionality and spaciousness of the kitchen and the bathroom. In fact, the shower was nearly full sized. The toilet was pretty substantial sized, too. (watch the video above)

Climb up the stairs and you’ll get to the 52-square foot bedroom loft which was awesome.

The sleeping loft was open and spacious, with an airy feel. Additional features included:

  • LED lighting
  • Window for ventilation and emergency exit
  • Carbon monoxide detector

It houses a full size bed, along with extra storage in the loft floor.

The Shonsie tiny home has:

  • exposed rafter ceiling
  • a rolling library ladder
  • folding dining room table
  • electric cooktop
  • stainless steel sink
  • ceiling storage compartment
  • sliding glass front door
  • deck
  • ceiling fan
  • Dual split HVAC system

Price of a 84 Lumber Tiny Living Home

A move-in ready, already-built tiny home such as the Shonsie model started around $59, 884 when I saw the first concepts back in 2016. That price remained constant from 2016 through January 2019.

Prices of the other 84 Tiny Living Tiny Homes THOWS ranged from around $50,000 – $80,000 fully built (which was an option at that time).

Nowadays, 84 Lumber does not offer the fully built option. Pricing is available by reaching out to the company.

They will sell the buildings plans and specs for their 7 homes for $500. They do sell complete material packages through 84 Lumber.

*You might want to check out the tiny home plans found on Amazon along with some amazing tiny house plans on Etsy (for way less)! I especially like the Micro Living ideas.

Here are some other 84 Tiny Living homes:

I don’t think I would move into a tiny home this tiny, but it sure was cute!

After living in an RV for a year, I can tell you that there are LOTS of questions you need to seriously consider before buying a tiny home. Price is just one of them. Check out my blog post: Thinking of Tiny Home Living? Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying 

Where to See a Model Tiny Home?

Where can you see a 84 Lumber tiny home in person?

You used to be able to see their tiny homes at their Pennsylvania headquarters in Eighty Four, PA. I’m not sure if this is still an option.

Check local tiny home shows in your area to see if they might be showing there. Going to a tiny home show (like in my video below) is super interesting!