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12 Gallery Wall Ideas to Inspire You

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Gallery Wall Ideas

I love a good gallery wall.  It’s such a fun way to display your photos and mementos, and bring unique artwork into your home.

I created a gallery wall in my stairwell.  Most of the time, I pass right by without really noticing.  But everyone once in a while, something catches my eye.  Then I stop for a moment and enjoy the memories of the people and places in the photos.

Since there are already so many guides out there about how to create I gallery wall, I thought it would be more fun to gather up some inspiration for you.

Here are some of my favorite gallery wall ideas from other bloggers around the web.




  • Photos – Printed in color, or try black and white, or sepia toned for a more uniform look
  • Frames – Matching or all different, depending on the look you want (Shop thrift stores!)
  • Mementos – Hang stuff on your walls too, not just pictures
  • Signs, letters, and word art
  • Paintings
  • Dishes and vases
  • Shelves – Group photos and other items on shelves for a layered look
  • Hammer & nails


Stairway Gallery Wall

Here’s the gallery wall I created in my stairway.  As you can see, the pictures are all different sizes, and in mismatched frames.

Stairwell photo gallery

I gathered the photos and frames over time, picking up many of the frames from thrift stores.

Stairwell gallery wall

You can also fill more of your wall space, like this gallery.
Bless’er House

Gallery of Calendar Art

Calendar pages make great artwork.  Pick out a few favorite months, and put them into matching frames.  My mom and I did this in my brother’s old bedroom after he moved out.

Matching Grid Photo Gallery

These bloggers each have their own approach to creating a grid of photos for a wall gallery.

Designing Vibes

Making Home Base

Or Not a Grid

Different sizes of photos can also look great when laid out appealingly. Like these.

Pretty in the Pines

Photos and More

Gallery walls aren’t just for photos. Add signs, mementos, and other artwork to make your wall even more interesting.

Little Bits of Home

A Blissful Nest

Little House of Four

Use Letters

You don’t have to use photos at all. You can create an interesting gallery wall with different styles of letters.

Designer Trapped

Use Shelves

You can also create a gallery wall with shelves. This is a great way to add more mementos and three dimensional artwork to your display.

Tater Tots & Jello

Make it Functional

A gallery wall doesn’t have to just be for display. You can add functional items, too. A memo board, clock, mirror, or storage hooks can also have their place.

Kenarry: Ideas for the Home

Feeling inspired?

So, if you’ve been dreaming of doing a gallery wall in your own home, but not quite sure what to do, I hope these ideas have helped to give you a little inspiration.

Remember, you don’t have to run out and buy all matching frames, and get new prints made. Look around at items you already have and love. Think creatively about how you could display them in a new way.

Gallery Wall Ideas

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