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Easy DIY Unicorn Costume

This easy DIY Unicorn Costume is perfect for adults. Plus, it’s ideal for a hot Halloween.

When I was invited to go to the first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom, I was so excited! Then stressed. What costume would I wear that didn’t cost a fortune, was easy to make, and would be perfect in the Florida heat?

After some brainstorming I decided to do a magical unicorn costume.

Buying individual pieces of a unicorn costume would be easy to do on Amazon, I’d have free returns on most items if I didn’t like them, and I wouldn’t have to battle the slim pickings of Halloween costume ideas in a major store.

Plus, the costs would be reasonable. AND, some of the unicorn costume pieces could be worn other times of the year.

Adult Costume for Disney’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

One of the requirements of adult costumes at Walt Disney World is that you can’t wear a mask on your face. But you can wear face makeup.

When my friend suggested we do professional makeup for a unicorn costume, I was definitely all in.

I went to Jamie’s studio to do makeup before the first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Using just a few colors of eye shadow, she created a magical unicorn look with makeup. She knows me so well that she did a light touch of makeup.

If you don’t have a professional makeup artist, it’s easy to do unicorn makeup yourself. Here is a DIY tutorial:

Super pigmented colors work best!

Halloween Costumes When It’s Hot

Another concern of mine for picking out an adult Halloween costume was the insane heat that was expected during the first Mickey’s Not So Scary Party held on August 17.

If you know anything about Florida, you know it’s HOT!

Especially in late afternoon when we’d be arriving for the party.

Add in the extra heat of a theme park, and I definitely did NOT want anything that was going to make me sweat more than normal. The heat index was over 100 degrees that day.

So it was important to wear a costume that was as cool and breathable as possible.

Easy DIY Unicorn Costume

After much scrolling through the Amazon app late at night, I chose the following items for a DIY unicorn costume. They were some of the most affordable, versatile and colorful items.

Unicorn Horn

Okay, so I absolutely LOVED this unicorn horn when it arrived. (No longer available, but these are similar.)

I actually cut off the chin strap because I hate anything tight over my head. I sewed on the unicorn horn into the wig by attaching the felt base to the wig.

Colorful Unicorn Wig

This colorful wig really made the outfit! I think it was why people that I knew didn’t even recognize me!

This exact one is no longer available, but there are a lot of really great unicorn wigs to choose from in a variety of lengths.

The wig was very comfortable, not too tight. Plus it came with a cap to put over your hair before putting on the wig.

Rainbow Tulle Skirt

This skirt was SO MUCH FUN to wear at Walt Disney World! Note to self: Must wear more tulle skirts!

This rainbow tulle skirt that I wore is no longer available, but I think this similar one is much more fun because it’s bigger!

First, the skirt’s waist band is black. Why, I do not know. So I used a scarf to cover it up.

Second, the skirt has two inner linings which go all the way to the bottom of the skirt. They literally feel like shower curtain liners. There was no way I was going to walk around for hours in the Florida humidity with heat trapped under plastic layers around my legs.

I cut the two linings short. It wasn’t perfect, but you couldn’t tell TOO much.

I’d consider cutting the linings out completely and then wearing shorts or a short skirt underneath, too. In fact, if I wear this tulle skirt again (and I probably will!) I might just remove the lining completly.

Also, the picture on Amazon does not show the neon green tulle that is part of the skirt. It looks soft yellow in the picture. I almost cut it off because it was so bright. But I’m glad I kept them. It actually looks better in photos that way.

White T-Shirt

I’m SO glad that I got this t-shirt!

The reviews said that it was thicker than most, which I wanted. Most white t-shirts nowadays are see through and you can see your bra underneath.

This white shirt was ideal with its heavy weight thickness. Yet not hot to wear.

Also, I wanted a shirt that wasn’t strapless. This one is perfect with it’s cap sleeves. Not strapless, but doesn’t look like a traditional t-shirt.

The t-shirt I got is no longer available, but there are plenty of white shirts that you can choose from. Or choose a pale pink shirt, perhaps something with a sparkle or glitter.

wearing unicorn costume in front of Cinderella Caste at magic Kingdom Disney


I had one in a complementary color from the Dollar store. I’d suggest looking there or using a belt you have.

Comfortable Shoes

I’ve talked a lot about needing to wear comfortable shoes at Walt Disney World. My outfit kind of revolved around being able to wear supportive shoes that would not lead to back pain after walking on concrete all night.

I had Vionic sandals in a nude color already. And have worn them for years. This is the pair that I own. With the length of the rainbow tulle skirt (I’m 5′ 3″), the shoes were almost invisible in my unicorn costume. But they blended in nicely even if they were visible.


There was going to be a couple hours of sunlight at the beginning of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party. I wanted themed sunglasses, but not spend money on sunglasses I wouldn’t wear again.

I was blessed to find these pink sunglasses with rhinestones at The Dollar Tree. They worked great!


With no pockets in my rainbow tulle skirt, I definitely needed a place to store items such as my phone, wallet, snacks, etc.

I thought about buying a unicorn or pink backpack on Amazon. I found a great pink metallic backpack at Marshalls that went great with the unicorn costume.

Best Unicorn Costume for Halloween

I have to say, I was NOT prepared for how much everyone loved my DIY unicorn costume!

First of all, even my friends that I have known for a while did not recognize me in my wig and makeup. That was shocking. Several of them didn’t know who I was until I was talking with them.

Little girls were heard whispering to their parents that “there goes a unicorn!” To me, that was the most magical moment of the entire event. These little kids actually thought I was a unicorn in real life. They couldn’t stop pointing and whispering!

Otherwise, it was comfortable to wear a supportive pair of shoes for Disney World that blended in with my unicorn costume. The tulle skirt was breathable, and the t-shirt was nothing more than I’d normally wear to the theme parks.