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Easy to Make DIY Satin Flowers

Use our free printable pattern to make these delicate DIY satin flowers with scrap pieces of satin fabrics. An easy hand-sewn flower.

DIY Satin Flowers Red White and Gold on a Tan Background

These pretty DIY satin flowers are perfect to make as decorations for:

  • Hair Barettes
  • Hair Ties
  • Bobby Pins
  • Pillows
  • Pins or Brooches
  • Decorate the neckline of shirt or sweater
  • Shoes
  • Twine Wrapped Bottles

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DIY Satin Flowers petals on a Tan Background

Our free pattern download has three different sizes of flowers and leaves. Each size is created in the same way.

How to Make Satin Flowers from Fabric


DIY Satin Flowers Materials


Step 1

Download, print out and cut out the flowers template.

Use the circular patterns on the template to cut out pieces from the fabric.

DIY Satin Flowers Step 1

Step 2

Thread your needle with a coordinating color of thread. You will need a long piece of thread.

DIY Satin Flowers Step 2

Fold a circular piece of fabric in half and then in half again.

DIY Satin Flowers Step 3

With the needle, make some large running stitches on the curved, open end of the folded piece. Stitch through all four layers of the fabric.

Do not cut off the thread.

DIY Satin Flowers Step 4

Step 3

With the other four fabric circles, repeat the same process as above with folding the circles in half and then half again.

Use the same strand of thread to do a running stitch on the large outer edge.

DIY Satin Flowers Step 5

Knot the end of the thread at the first petal to secure.

Step 4

Pull gently on the thread and gather all of the petals together. You may need to push the petal pieces together along the thread to adjust the placement.

DIY Satin Flowers Step 6

Step 5

Using the same needle and thread that has gathered the petals together, now sew the first and last petal tightly together.

DIY Satin Flowers Step 7

Step 6

Sew the small pearl bead to the center of the flower to cover the gathered seams in the middle.

DIY Satin Flowers Step 9

Alternatively, you could glue the bead in the center of the flower.

Step 7

Cut out the leaves from the template.

DIY Satin Flowers Step 8

Glue the leaves to the back of the flower.

DIY Satin Flowers Step 10

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