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DIY Candy Nativity

Our candy nativity is such a fun craft to make with kids for Christmas. It is a perfect way to use leftover Halloween candy!

Toy nativity scene on a pink background.

How to Make a Candy Nativity


  • Tootsie Roll Fruit Chews (available on Amazon and Walmart)
  • Original Tootsie Roll Midgees (available on Amazon and Walmart)
  • Dum Dum lollipops in pineapple, mocha, or root beer flavors (available on Amazon and Walmart)
  • Plate or other surface for placing the nativity scene figures (glossy surface works best)
Candy Nativity Materials a variety of candy canes and lollipops on a marble table.


Step 1

To make tall people for the nativity, use two to three midgies to wrap around the stick of a Dum Dum.

Candy Nativity Step 2 Lollipops are sitting on top of a piece of paper.
tootsie roll candies wrapped around the stick of a lollipop

Allow an excess of the candy at the bottom of each stick to extend about ¼ inch from the bottom so that the finished characters can be pressed and stuck to the surface.

Step 2

To make shorter people, cut off part of the sucker stick before wrapping in the candy.

Candy Nativity Step 3 Three different kinds of lollipops on a marble table.

You can also bend the lollipop stick for a bending figure.

Candy Nativity Step 11 Two yellow and orange lollipops on a white surface.
Candy Nativity Step 10 forming hair with tootsie rolls and lollipops.

Step 3

For baby Jesus, we wrapped a Tootsie roll around a lollipop stick that had been cut very short.

Candy Nativity Step 4 A piece of chocolate and a piece of chocolate on a marble table.

Then we used a flattened Tootsie roll fruit chew to wrap around the baby body to create a blanket.

Candy Nativity Step 5 A group of candy canes on a marble table.

Roll and shape additional Tootsie Rolls to add cloaks, head coverings and wisemen gifts.

Step 4

For the manger, use four regular Tootsie Rolls. One midgie should be flattened into the bottom while two are flattened to become the sides.

two tootsie rolls flattened into a thin square laying on a marble surface

Cut the final midgie in half and flatten to form to close the gaps on the opposite sides.

Candy Nativity Step 6 A bowl of chocolate and a few lollipops on a table.
Candy Nativity Step 7 A chocolate egg with a candy in it.

Step 5

To make the shepherd’s staff, use half a midgie and roll back and forth using the palm of your hand against a flat surface to form a long length. Curve one end over as the hook of the staff.

Candy Nativity Step 12 tootsie roll candy pieces laid out on a marble surface.

Step 6

Press the characters against a flat surface to stand. If they topple, add additional candy to the bottom. A glossy surface will work best.

A group of candy figurines on a pink background.

Two festive fairy light themed Christmas coloring pages on a wooden table.

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DIY candy Nativity scene.

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