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Unexpected Tool for a Perfectly Organized Linen Closet

Use this unexpected tool to contain the clutter and create a perfectly organized linen closet.

Linen closet organization ideas title image.

Organizing a linen closet seems like it should be an easy task. Fold up your sheets and towels, and stack them in neat piles.

To go a little further, you might stack your sheets by size. Keep all the twin sets together, and the queen sets in another pile. Sort your towels by type as well (hand towels, bath towels, guest towels, etc.) Easy, right?

But what do you do with all the other “fiddly bits” that clutter up the linen closet? Like the extra toiletries, spare toothbrushes, floss and travel size toothpaste that you know you’ll need one day, and all the infrequently used items that don’t fit in the bathroom.

I accidentally stumbled upon the perfect solution. Check out this simple tool that will help you create and maintain a perfectly organized linen closet.


Spare cotton swabs, extra toiletries, new toothbrushes, and all the other little things can become a cluttered mess in the linen closet.

How to store toiletries in a linen closet.
All the “extra bits” that can create clutter in a linen closet.

Quite by accident, I stumbled upon the perfect solution:

A drawer organizer.

I bought a drawer organizer when I was creating a new organization system for my bedroom closet. It turned out that I didn’t like how it worked in my lingerie drawer, so I stuck it in my linen closet.

Use a drawer organizer to store toiletries neatly in a linen closet.
A drawer organizer is a perfect tool for organizing a linen closet.

The organizer is perfect for storing all the little extras that can otherwise tumble all over your shelves. Not only do they help keep things contained, but organizers also look pretty.

If you stick a drawer organizer (or two or three) in your linen closet, you’ll have the perfect way to contain all of those little things.

Make room for your organizer

If your linen closet is packed full, you may not have room on a shelf for an organizer. Take a good look at what’s in your closet, and see if there’s anything you can clear out.

If you’d be embarrassed for anyone outside the family to see those towels or sheets you’re keeping buried in the back of your cluttered closet, it’s time for them to go.

Or, that set of embroidered hand towels that were a gift from your great aunt. You never use them, but you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of them.

Now is the time. Put them in the giveaway box, or give them as a gift, and let them bless someone else’s life. Clear them out and create extra storage space in your closet.

A clutter-free linen closet

So, that’s it. Fold your sheets and towels, clear out what you don’t need, and use drawer organizers. Your linen closet will be organized, and easy to maintain.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all organizing could be that easy?


Wednesday 16th of January 2019

I love drawer organizers. Makes it so easy to keep things separated.