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10 Snarky Cross Stitch Patterns You Need in 2024

Who doesn’t want to get sassy and start crafting with some snarky cross stitch patterns?

I think it’s funny that everyone believes DIYers, including cross stitchers, are pleasantly content with just stitching quotes or landscapes.

However, there’s a lot of people who love the stress-relieving process of crafting, but don’t necessarily have a prim and proper attitude, either!

Which is why it’s funny to find these sassy cross stitch patterns that say with embroidery thread what everyone wants to say out loud (but doesn’t).

Below are just some of the genteel, yet still snarky, patterns and kits that I love.

Trust me, there’s some others that will make you blush! Go ahead and scroll through those cross stitch patterns, too.

Snarky Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross stitching isn't just for sweet old grandmas making floral samplers anymore. Modern day stitchers are infusing some sass into their DIY projects. Here's some of the best snarky cross stitch patterns.

Love these fun snarky cross stitch kits? They make great gifts for friends. Find even more ideas in Etsy’s gift guide for friends. There’s literally something for everyone!

Nicole L

Friday 15th of December 2023

I can relate to a lot of these sayings haha. I wish I could cross stitch. If I could, I would definitely be using some of these and give them to my friends for Christmas or their birthdays paired with a bottle of wine!


Tuesday 19th of December 2023

Ooh, I love the idea of pairing it with wine. Brilliant!


Friday 15th of December 2023

Sharing this with my daughter...she will love it :)


Tuesday 19th of December 2023

Awesome! There are some fun ones on this list! Ha Ha!