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In this post:  Easy tutorial to make a schoolroom-style hanging map.

Make a schoolroom-style hanging map

Have you ever noticed that maps are a great conversation starter?  I have found that people love to look at maps and discuss places they’ve been, and places they’d like to visit one day.

With their bright colors, and interesting designs, maps also make great artwork.  Here’s how you can turn an inexpensive paper map into a schoolroom-style hanging map, for the perfect home decor.

Make a Schoolroom-Style Hanging Map


Materials to make a hanging map

  • Paper map of your choice (try to get one that’s never been folded)
  • White fabric for backing (slightly larger than the map in all directions)
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Spray adhesive
  • Top board (I used a 3/4″ x 1.5″ piece of 6′ long Douglas Fir)
  • Stain or paint for the board (optional)
  • Screw eyes
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Staple gun
  • Carpenter’s bubble level
  • Hammer & nails

A friend gave me a paper map of the world as a gift.  It hung on the wall in my office for years.

One day, I realized it would be the perfect thing to fill a blank spot on my wall at home.  But, I wanted something prettier than just a paper map stapled to the wall.

I decided to try to recreate something in the style of the maps that I remembered from way back in my schoolroom days.  This is one of those project ideas that came to me as I was trying to fall asleep one night.

1. Choose your fabric

For my project, I chose an inexpensive home decor fabric.  It’s normally meant for backing drapes.

In addition to being inexpensive, it was also the widest fabric I could find.  I wanted something wide enough to mount my map without a seam.

I kept the selvedge edges, and cut the length to leave about 4″ on the top and bottom.

Iron all of the wrinkles out of your fabric before starting the rest of the project.

2. Finish the bottom edge of the fabric

Fabric back hanging map

To make a clean bottom edge that won’t fray, fold about 3/4″ of fabric to the back side.  Then fold it over again, so the raw edge is completely enclosed.

Use an iron to press the seam in place.

I used a sewing machine to stitch down the hem.  You could probably also use the spray adhesive that I use later in the project.

Hemming fabric for wall hanging map

If you use a sewing machine like I did, stitch as close as you can to the inner edge of your fold.

3. Mark your map placement on the fabric

Needing a big open space to work, I laid my project out on the kitchen floor.  Make sure you have plenty of room to work as well.

Lay the fabric out, and then center your map on top.  I used a ruler and light pencil marks to help me place the map precisely.

Measure in a couple spots along each edge, to help make sure everything is straight.

4. Glue the map to the fabric

Once I had my map perfectly placed, as described in Step 3, I didn’t want to move it to apply the glue.  So, I knelt on top of it.

Attach a map to fabric

First, I rolled back half of the map and sprayed it with adhesive.  I rolled it back into place, and smoothed it down with my hands.

Then, I switched sides and glued down the other half.  This worked perfectly for keeping the map positioned where I wanted it while applying the glue.

I lightly wiped off any overspray from the map and fabric with a damp sponge.  (Be careful not to get the paper too wet!)

Gluing map to fabric

The corners, and a few spots along the edges needed more glue later.  To keep the glue where I wanted it, I spray a little into a bowl, and applied it with a brush.

5. Cut the top board to size

Cut your board to the same width as the fabric.  (I actually made mine a tiny bit wider, by about 1/2″.)

Lightly sand the cut end of the board.

6. Stain the top board

I chose to apply a coat of stain to my board, to create a more finished look.  Also, the light color of the raw wood didn’t stand out from the white fabric.

Stain map top board

7. Install screw eyes

Drill two small holes in the top edge of the board, about 6″ from each end.

Holes for screw eyes in hanging map

Be sure to use a bit that is slightly smaller than your screw eyes.

Then, simply install the screw eyes into the holes.  These will be how you hang the map on the wall.

Screw eyes for hanging map

For a little better leverage, you can insert a tiny screwdriver or other small tool through the screw eye, and use it to help you turn it farther.

8. Attach the fabric to the board

Flip your board so the front side is face down.  Align the top edge of the fabric to the top edge of the back of the board.

Staple fabric map to board

Use your staple gun to attach the fabric to the board at about 8″ intervals, being careful to keep everything straight and pulled tight.

9. Hang the map on the wall

Hold the map up against the wall, and adjust it until it’s where you want it.  Make a mark at the position of one of the screw eyes.  Tap a nail into the wall at that position, and hang one end of the map.

To make sure you hang it straight, set a bubble level on the top board.  Adjust the other end of the board until it’s level.  Mark where the nail should go through the screw eye.

Hanging a schoolroom-style map

Now just tap another nail into the wall at this spot.  Place the screw eyes onto both nails to hang your map.

Hanging a fabric map

Schoolroom-Style Hanging Map

Here’s the finished result.  A pretty, yet inexpensive schoolroom-style hanging map.

Schoolroom-style hanging map

This project is great for both pretty artwork, and an easy conversation starter.  It would also be perfect dorm room decor.  Let me know how yours turns out!

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Make a schoolroom-style hanging map
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