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DIY Santa Cookie Ornament

This easy Santa cookie is so much fun to sew for the holidays. Make a few of them and put on a cookie plate for the cutest decorations, or attach a hanger to the top for a sweet ornament!

I show directions for sewing this felt Santa cookie ornament, however you can just hot glue the pieces together, too, if you don’t enjoy sewing.

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How to Sew a Santa Cookie Ornament



*I used a double-strand thread throughout. Stitch choice is a personal preference but generally, a running or backstitch is used on the top and a blanket stitch is used around the edges to join the front and back panel. You can make this by hand or with a sewing machine.

Step 1

Print the pattern and cut out. Trace the pattern on felt pieces and cut out.

If you are using a piece of foam instead of Polyfil, as I did, cut out your foam piece, as well.

Step 2

Take one cookie template and place the hat, beard, and fluffy ball on top, as seen in the photo below.

Use a fabric pen to mark this alignment, if you would like.

Step 3

Sew the Santa hat on the cookie pattern where you drew the outline. Use a simple stitch using red thread.

Do not stitch the bottom edge of the hat because it will be under the next piece.

Step 4

Attach the beard, using the marks you made in Step 2 to help you center it on the cookie. Use a simple stitch with white thread.

I recommend starting with the inside edge of the beard to keep it in place easier.

Don’t forget to add the ball to the end of Santa’s hat!

If you used the erasable fabric pen, you can remove the pen markings with heat now.

Step 5

Glue the eyes and the nose cut outs to the face.

Step 6

If using foam, place the slice of foam in-between the two cookie cut outs.

Fold a piece of ribbon into a loop and place between the two cookie cut outs on the top.

Using a blanket stitch, sew around the cookie to secure.

If using Polyfil stuffing, place the top of the Santa cookie on top of the other cookie base. Stitch about 3/4 of the way around the cookie patterns with a blanket stitch.

To make this an ornament, fold a piece of ribbon in half to make a loop. Put the loop in-between the two cookie patterns at the top and be sure to sew through the ribbon when sewing the seams.

Add Polyfil inside the cookie until it is as stuffed as you would like. Then finish sewing around the edges and tie a knot at the end to finish off.

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