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In this post:  Creative Christmas gift ideas for that person in your life who doesn’t need anything.
Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

Some people are extremely hard to shop for, because there just doesn’t seem to be anything they want or need.  If you have one of those people on your gift list this year, here are some creative Christmas gift ideas to consider.


1.  Donate to a charity in their name

Donating money to charity is a lovely gift.  If the person on your gift list doesn’t have a particular charity that you know they support, consider their interests.  Then search for a charity that aligns with the causes they care about.

For example, a friend of mine loves horses.  One year, I donated money to Save a Forgotten Equine in her name.  They sent her a card with a thank you note, and she loved it.

For my dog-loving friend, I chose Old Dog Haven.  They sent him a calendar, which is also a handy gift.

Donation gift idea

You could also support children and families, women starting businesses in developing countries, public radio, the arts and more.  Search on Charity Navigator for something that resonates.

2.  Host a movie night

Lots of big movies tend to come out around the holidays.  Go see one together.  Give a gift of movie passes, and the gift of time with you.

For a more budget friendly version, host a movie night at your house.  Turn it into a theme night for extra fun.

Watch Pirates of the Caribbean with Caribbean food.  Eat breakfast food while you watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Or grill up some hot dogs, break out the peanuts and Cracker Jack’s, and watch The Sandlot.

These are a few of my favorite Christmas movies, that would make a great movie night.

3.  Give DIY project guidance

Lots of people have projects around the house that they don’t know how to start, or finish.  If you’re handy, offer to help with a project or two.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

For the friend or family member dreaming of a bigger DIY project that will take some planning, give them a copy of our brand new Project Planning Workbook.  It will guide them through the process of planning and doing any DIY project.

DIY project planning workbook sample

This comprehensive workbook lays out the exact method I use for planning and completing my own DIY projects.  Finally getting that backyard makeover done, or building that fence, or updating the kitchen… Now that’s a great gift.  Click the button below to learn more.


4.  Make something special

Just like when you used to come home from school with a craft made out of popsicle sticks as a gift for your mom, handmade crafts are still great gifts.

Make a set of wine charms as a hostess gift.

How to make wine charms
DIY wine charms are a quick and easy gift.

Paint silhouettes of the kids (or even the furry kids) for gifts grandparents will love.

DIY pet silhouettes
Paint silhouettes of the kids (including the furry kids) for a unique gift.

I have a friend who loves throw pillows.  I could make a few simple throw pillow covers for her and give a very unique gift.

Make Your Own Throw Pillow Covers
These easy throw pillow covers can be completely customized for any style.

There are lots more great ideas in our Crafts archives.

5.  Buy something on Amazon

Ha ha!  You didn’t think I was going to say that, did you?

Well, the nice thing about Amazon is that if the person doesn’t like the gift, they can send it back and get just about anything else they might want.

And besides, look at how ridiculously cute this is:

Who wouldn’t want one of these?

Check out the Christmas list in my Amazon store for some of my other favorites.

Happy gift giving!

I hope these creative Christmas gift ideas have inspired you to come up with a perfect gift for everyone on your gift list this year.  If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments!

Creative Christmas Gift IdeasUnique Christmas gift ideas

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